The Slovenian Terrier Club is honored to have been entrusted with the organization by the International Show of all Terriers – INTERRA 2020 again. The show will be held on Thursday, October 8, 2020 as part of the EDS. On this occasion we invite all Terrier Lovers to join us as exhibitors with their Terriers or visitors at the event.

All dog lovers are kindly invited to join us this day and enjoy a nice and relaxed terrier company and get to know the wonderful world of terriers.

Dear exhibitors and visitors,

this year we were once again entrusted with organizing the greatest Terrier event of the year. We are delighted that the International Terrier Association sees such potential in the Slovenian Terrier Club and Slovenia but we have definitely put our place on the world terrier map with the already successfully completed InTerra 2017 which took place in Maribor.

The most prestigious terrier event the International Show of all Terriers – INTERRA 2020 will be this time within the EDS at the Celje Fair, 8th of October 2020. This is especially interesting for exhibitors and their dogs as a series of cynological events at the highest level will take place in a few days and in one place. We carefully selected specialist judges from Europe and South America for this event.

The Slovenian Terriers Club is one of the few breed clubs in Slovenia that organizes cynological events at the highest international level. The activities of the club are covered by numerous activities. The most important are the education of club members, the organization of breeding examinations, club shows for all breeds of terriers and the annual participation in the organization of international dog shows in Maribor.

We would like invite all terrier lovers to join us as exhibitors or visitors on this day and spend it in the true terrier spirit. May this day be full of energy, heartiness and playfulness. The kind like our terriers we adore so much.

Meet our beautiful Slovenia. This little hidden green European gem embraced by the Alps, the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonia Plain. At the crossroads of Europe you and your terriers are welcomed by a hospitable country that is small but with a big heart just like terriers.

Gorazd Gregor Namestnik, Show Manager
Brigita Kremser, The president of Slovenian Terrier Club and Expert Manager