Dear participants of InTerra 2020

natural presentation


 Present your dog during posture/ stance naturally


Show your dog during movements with a loose leash
(move your dog naturally, no stringing up!)

For the benefit of the dogs and the well-being of all other participants in the event, we ask that stick to the following:

  1. Every dog ​​must have unlimited access to fresh and clean water.
  2. Each dog must be provided with sufficient space during the waiting period so that it can be comfortably accommodated.
  3. Each dog must be provided with sufficient movement and exercise during the show.
  4. Dogs should not be unleashed, but on a suitable leash with a suitable collar / harness.
  5. Every exhibitor has to clean the feces behind their dog.
  6. Do not leave dogs in the car.
  7. Do not leave dogs on the sun, you must provide them a shade.
  8. Sharp dogs must wear a muzzle until entering the show ring.
  9. It is forbidden to use any cosmetic products when arranging dogs.
  10. There must be a space for waiting dogs and exhibitors at the entrance to the show ring. This space is not intended for the installation of show tables, chairs, etc.
  11. The exhibitor must be on time at the entrance to the show ring. It applies even to exhibitors with more dogs.
  12. The exhibitor must keep the dog under control. If the exhibitor has no control over the dog, they will have to leave the venue.
  13. No dog being exhibited should be under the influence of sedatives or stimulants.
  14. No artificial appliance may be used to alter or enhance the natural gait or appearance of exhibiting dogs.
  15. Exhibitors can be of any age as long as they can effectively control the dog at all times. We encourage children and teenagers to participate in dog show.
  16. Feeding dogs by visitors is not allowed.
  17. The sale of animals at shows is strictly forbidden.