Predstavitev sodnikov (v angleškem jeziku)

My name is Marius Nedelcu, born in 1965, in the small village of Didesti in south of Romania. I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine located in Timisoara. My activity in the dog world began in 1986, I have founded the Romanian Bully Type Club in 2000 and been President of Chinological association of Hunedoara dogs. Since 2014 I am licensed FCI judge for bully type terrier (Amstaff, Standard BT, Miniature BT and Staffordshire BT). Some of the countries where I have been invited to judge Specialty shows are: Hungary, Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, Germany, Serbia, France, Australia, Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium and Poland. In 2016 I was judge in the prestigious Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Show in Northern New South Wales Championship 10 September in Australia and Moonlight World Champions Challenge in Kentucky USA, I judged American Staffordshire National 2018 in Russia and National Specialty Australia 2018. 

My kennel’s name is Ringmaster and I have been breeding Amstaffs for over 24 years. The bases of my kennel are dogs imported from the USA. 

After many years of experience we have some very nice results: 

Champions of Romania, USA, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary and many more countries!! Multi Best of Breed, Multi Best in shows, Europe Puppy Winner, Romania Top Dog of the Year 2012! Our dogs can be found in a lot of Champions pedigree in the world.

Name: Gorjão-Henriques, Luis

Adress: Av. Maria da Conceição 44

  2775 – 605 Carcavelos


Phone: +.351.917291962



Year of Birth: 1967

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, English, French.

As a Breeder: “Vale do Criz” kennels since 1982, although the first dog show was in 1979. Owner/breeder of Champions on the breeds Boxer, Portuguese Podengo Small Smooth Hair, Portuguese Pointer, Fox-Terrier (both coats), Parson Russell Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier, with 425 titles achieved at this moment with dogs either bred or owned by me, including several World and European Winners.

Has Judged in the following foreign countries: Australia, Belgium, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Rep., Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland; Ukraine and USA.

Breeds Judged: Group I – All breeds

Group II – All Breeds, Boxer (Specialist)

Group III (Specialist): All Breeds.

Group IV: All Breeds

Group V: All Breeds

Group VI: Basset Hound, Beagle, Basset Artesian Normand, Black & Tan Coonhound, Dalmatian, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Group VII: Pointer, Portuguese Pointer

Group VIII: Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Portuguese Water Dog, Irish Water Spaniel, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Group IX: Chihuahua, French Bouledogue, Poodle, Pug, 


Year of First Qualification: 1992

Other Information: President of the FCI Breeding Commission between 2016 and 2019, Vice-President of the Clube Português de Canicultura, since 2009, member of the board of the Interra (International Terrier Association) since 2002, member of the FCI Breeding Committee, member of the Audit Committee of the Boxer Club de Portugal 2012-2014, President of the Boxer Club de Portugal between 1996 and 2002, President of the Bulldog Club de Portugal between 2003 and 2006 and Vice-President since 2006, member of the board of the Terrier Club de Portugal since 1998 and of the Clube do Podengo Português since 1993, President of the General Meeting of the Clube Português do Cão da Serra de Aires and of the Associação para a Protecção do Cão de Água Português. President of the Portuguese Breeds Committee of the Clube Português de Canicultura from 2000 to 2002.

My first litter was born with the “Emsmuehle” prefix in 1977. Since then I have bred more than 190 Champions in different part of the World. It´s include English Champions, International Champions, World Winner and some Crufts Winners and Best in Show Winners as well.

I have been still faithful to the breed and hope that will follow some excellent examples.

Together with my wife, I published in 1998 and 2011, two books about the Irish Terrier.

In 2007 the VDH awarded me the Baron von Gingins-Memorial-Medal. This is the highest cynology honors, the Association award for outstanding contribution to the promotion of the breed.

In 1992 I got my judge license for the Terrier breeds.

I am approved as an All Breed Judge (All-rounder) from the German Kennel Club (VDH) and the Federation Cynology International (FCI) in 2012. Since then I have received many invitation from around the world and have worked at the most prestigious shows.

Hans Erhard Grüttner

Breeding & showing

As a child I was surrounded by dogs as my parents have been breeding Hungarian Puli since 1973. However, I did not maintain the family tradition in breeding Hungarian Puli and I purchased my first Airedale Terrier in the middle of the1980’s, a breed I admired whenever I caught sight of them at the dog shows of the 80’s. Thus, in 1988 I founded my own kennel under the name of “Nyaradmenti” and later I changed to “”. As years passed, Airedale Terriers were followed by Wirehaired Dachshunds at the beginning of 1989, and in 1990 I imported the first Welsh Terrier in Romania. Unfortunately at the beginning of the 90’s the quality of Airedale Terriers in our country was so low that even the imported males could not improve the breed. So in the middle of the 90’s I imported a few females from different bloodlines from Hungary, Belgium, Poland, Germany and also from the USA the famous male Am Ch Terrydale HK Shaireab Online (the Montgomery sweepstakes winner in 1999 {78 entries}). The quality of the Welsh Terriers produced in my kennel (1990-2010) was showing an ascending tendency towards modern lines. The famous names in the breed in that period (many world& European winners) can be found in all the pedigrees of Welsh Terriers born in Romania. I kept a Wirehaired Dachshund as a family dog, that is why I had few litters, but all of very good quality, marking the breed in Romania. Here I’d like to mention the father of the BOB in the 2003 Poznan European Dog Show. At the moment we breed and show Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds and Airedale Terriers, selecting and promoting very carefully the quality of our bloodline combining it with quality dogs from all over the world. The Champion quality results at the above mentioned 3 breeds (more than 12 generations); we obtained quality dogs with positive feedbacks from the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia and Europe. Many of the dogs bred by us become founding dogs for other new kennels.


I passed my first exam as FCI judge in 1991, later in 2008 I became FCI all-breed international judge. In my activity as a judge, I had the honor to judge at many speciality shows and I had also the privilege to judge at many famous shows in many countries in all over the world and also in World and European Dog shows.

Kennel Club Activity

I have been a very active member of my kennel club since the middle of the 80’s and in 1997 I became the President of the kennel club and together with my team we organize the famous Dracula Dog Show. In 1996 together with some passionate friends we founded the National Terrier and Dachshund Club. Since then I am the President of the National Terrier Club. I was the advisor of the President of the Stud Book between 1996-1999, and between 2000-2004 I was the member of Disciplinary Commission of the Romanian Kennel Club. Since 2004 I have been the chinotechnic vice president of the Romanian Kennel Club and starting with 2009 also the vice president of the Judge Board. I want to continue to contribute to the chinology with my knowledge, with my passionate work as a breeder, as a judge, organizer and mentor of my kennel club, the one that taught me how to become chinologist.

“A society cannot succeed without a cynologic education “

ing. LOKODI Csaba-Zsolt

I was born on 30th May 1968 in Zagreb, the Capital of Croatia where I completed my education. I graduated in 1996 at the Veterinarian University in Zagreb. I am co-owner of the Kennel «The best colour». We have bred more than 40 litters of various Terrier breeds, like Irish Terrier, Lakeland terrier, Welsh Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Soft Coated Wheaten terrier, Airedale Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer. Dogs bred by us have more than 100 national and international champion titles as well as European and World Champions titles.  

I become judge in year 1993. My first breed as breeder and judge was Airedale terrier.

Since now I judged in most European country (International and national shows) as well at the Special Club Dog show, European Dog Show, World dog Show, Bundessieger and VDH-Europasieger Dog Show. 

Name: Mariano Hernan Gatica Gómez.

Age: 46

Born in:  CHILE.

Nationality: Chilean / Spanish

Recognized by FCI to Judge the complete group 3 (Terriers), group 8 (Retrievers, Spaniels and Flushing dogs) and complete group 2 (Pinschers and Schnauzers , Molossoids and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs).

I am the third generation in sport of pure bred dogs. My grandfather used to hunt with his sporting dogs in his native Spain (Irish Setters, Pointers, and English Cocker Spaniels). My Mother always had English Cockers and Labrador Retrievers at home, and I grew up among them since I was born. Our kennel name, EASTMAN´S has bred more than 130 Champions worldwide in several breeds such as: Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Scottish Terriers, Norwich Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Afghan Hounds, Shar-Peis, Beagles, Drathaars, Whippets and Salukis. 

We finished over 30 Labradors Retrievers in Chile, and many others won their tittles all over South America, Multiple Specialty Winners and Group winners in several countries.

By 1996 I started to develop some interest in Terriers, and I bought my first show quality Scottish Terrier the same year. Next years I improve my grooming and trimming skills with several different top Terrier Handlers in USA.

Every year I try to go to Montgomery  County.  Also, I travel at least once a year to Europe to see and participate in some big shows like the Euro dog Show, or UK Championship Show. In 2005, I went to Crufts with my Norwich Terrier dog and got Second at the competitive Open Class, being beaten only by the Best of Breed dog who was in the same class. I have bred or own over 100 terrier Champions.  Many of my dogs, have reached the highest awards such as Best in Shows, Best in Specialty Shows (including the USA) and multiple group wins all over the World.

I’m part of the founder group that started the first “Terrier Club of Chile” which started on June 2018, and I was elected President of it for the very first period.

Currently I’m very focused on breeding Norfolk & Norwich Terriers, not leaving my Scotties and Sealys as they were my first breeds on the Terrier group.

I participate many articles in Publications, Books and Magazines about Terriers. Have grooming seminars in many countries and also participate with seminars about dog’s studies and capacitating. 

As international recognized judge and Specialist for Terriers I judged all over the world (from countries in South America, USA, Russia to Europe). 

International Championship show judge, Mooncraft´s kennel Estonia 

+372 5066 606 |

– President of Estonian Kennel Union since 2014 until present

– FCI Disciplinary and Arbitration Commission member

– Estonian Show Judges Commitee member 2006-2010 

– Estonian Kennel Union, proxy and auditor 2002-2006

– Estoanian Society of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, member of the Board

– Estonian Terrier Club, member of the Board.

– Founding member of Great Dane Club and vice-chairman

– judge for FCI Group 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10 

– judge for several breeds from FCI Groups 1, 6, 7, 8. 

Engaged in breeding Staffordshire Bullterriers and Miniature Bullterriers under the affix MOONCRAFT´S since 1996. I have owned and shown Great Danes and a Rough Collie.

By the year 2019 I have bred 23 Staffordshire Bullterrier breed champions and 43 Miniature Bullterrier champions – among them World Winners, European Winners, Crufts class winners, many International and National Champions, USA Champions, Latin-America, Nordic, Baltic, Eurasia and National Winners. Mooncraft´s kennel has been the TOP-kennel of the year by Kennel Union ranking.

I have judged several National and International shows, among them Specialty Shows:

Amsterdam WDS Terrier Show 2018 (Best in Show judge), Australia (Stafforshire Bullterrier Club Specialty Show), Belgium (C.E.T.S – Continental Europe Trophy Show for Bullterriers & Miniature Bullterriers, American Staffordshire Terrier Speciality ), Czech Republic (Bullterrier Club Specialty show, Staffordshire Bullterrier Club Specialty), Denmark (Terrier Club 90-th year Anniversary Terrier Festival – Besti in Show judge), Finland (Finnish Terrier Club main show, Bullterrier Club Trophy and Open show, Staffordshire Bullterrier & American Staffordshire Terrier Club Show), Germany (VDH-GBF Bayern-Cup and Bull-type Terriers Club Show, VDH-DCBT Club Show), Latvia (Terrier and Moloss Specialty Show), Lithuania (Bullterrier Club Show, Terrier Club Show), Norway (EDS Terrier Club Show), Spain (Terrier Club Show), Sweden (Terrier Club Show), Great Dane Club Show, Mastiffs Club Show.

I have judged Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers at Championship Show (CC) level in England and have ROM status for Standard and Miniature Bullterriers in Australia.  I have also judged in World Dog Show 2018 in Amsterdam, Belgium „50-th Eurodogshow“ and Germany „VDH-Europaseiger Show“, Eurasia Winner and Baltic Winner shows and I have been invited to judge European Dog Show 2020 and 2021.

My interest in Staffordshire Bull Terriers began when my parents came home with a puppy back in 1980 and  I purchased my  first SBT , Heidis Precious Gem, in 1993. She produced for me my first ‘show dog’ Arnhem Buccaneer Bess, who was the dam of Ch Arnhem Nice And Spicy JW. Spice went on to produce Arnhem Twice As Nice and Arnhem Innit To Winnit at Anthian, both gaining their Stud Book Number. Also  dam  to Arnhem Ready To Rumble JW (1CC), Arnhem Twice As Nice JW (4RCC), Ch Arnhem Nice N Feisty (3CC, 2RCC) and Fin/Swe Ch Arnhem Archivist at Ramblix. In 2010 I handled Ch Blazinstaff Blazin Justice JW to his title who I also co-owned at the time. I have also had the pleasure of handling Aus Ch Koendidda Umrum, Ch Ruby Rose Duchess at Biggleswick, Ch Suurisuun Boppinghams Birulai and Ch Callastaff Lakeland Lad to their UK titles. I have been actively showing since 1997 and currently handling Callastaff Son Of The Moon.

My first judging appointment was in 2001 and in 2016 I had the pleasure of judging for the first time at championship level. Since then I have judging in Sweden, Austrailia, France, South Africa and Russia.

I have been involved with the Breed since 1980 when I owned my first Stafford  and my journey thus far has taken me through exhibiting, breeding, stewarding and Judging and assessing upcoming Judges as well as organising and presenting at Seminars.  I bred my first litter in 1985 and my first Judging appointment was  in 1984. I have awarded UK Kennel Club  Challenge Certificates 9 times. I have also been approved and have Judged at Championship show level in other overseas Countries including Spain, Finland, Holland, Sweden, France, Australia, Slovakia, New Zealand, South Africa, Southern Ireland and the United States of America. I am a member of the UK Kennel Club. I am currently the elected UK Kennel Club Breed Liaison Officer for the SBT. My husband and I are also members of the UK Assured Breeder scheme. I have completed all relevant Seminars for our breed over the years and keep uptodate on all requirements. 

I have owned, campaigned and bred, Staffordshire Bull Terriers since 1980 and more recent dogs of note include CH STORMBULL SO WOT JW, CH BOURTIE WOT A STEAL JW and UK CH & AUS CH STRONGSTORM STYLE IS ETERNAL AT JACKABYTE and CH JACKABYTE MISS MONEYPENNY JW and recently campaigning our youngster JACKABYTE BOCOUTURE JW. 

CHAMPION STORMBULL SO WOT JW  achieved his Champion Status very early on in his successful show career. He was a UK Champion at just 18 months of age having already been third UK Top Puppy in 2006 and then runner up UK TOP Male in 2007. He was not campaigned extensively as he was first and foremost our companion but he certainly made his mark.  He is the Sire to the current UK Army Staffordshire Regiment Mascot Staffordshire Bull Terrier WATCHMAN V bred by us from Tyler and Jackabyte Top Totty another successful bitch. Tyler was very selectively used at stud and through those choice matings he has to date produced 14 Champions in the UK and overseas.

His daughter, our bitch CH BOURTIE WOT A STEAL JW who also became UK Champion at an early age. She was Third overall in the UK Top Puppy 2008 and in 2009 was fourth Top Stafford in the UK. She went on to win 9 CC’s and 6 RCC’s until we retired her from the show ring in 2011 at just 5 years old.

UK & AUS CH STRONGSTORM STYLE IS ETERNAL AT JACKABYTE came to us at the age of 13 months and began her show career at full speed picking up CC’s and her Champion title in a short space of time. She has produced her first litter from which we are campaigning her daughter newly crowned CH JACKABYTE MISS MONEYPENNY JW 4th overall Top UK Bitch 2019 and her daughter from the next litter JACKABYTE BOCOUTURE JW who was Top UK Puppy 2019 and litter brother to her is the new Army dog WATCHMAN VI who is in training to take over from WATCHMAN V. 

My opinion will be straightforward, I have no bias or affinity to colour or type, the best on the day will shine through. I will give my utmost attention to the exhibits who enter and will deliver to them my own opinion. 

– Member of FCI European Section Committe

– President ,Irish Kennel Club

– Chairman, Irish Breeds Society

– Consultant to state best practices body Quality & Qualifications

– FCI All Breeds International Judge

I have judged in all Continents, including FCI World and Section Shows, Crufts, the Eukanuba World Challenge. Internationally I have given seminars worldwide on many canine related topics.

My family prefix, ‘Shillelagh’ Kennels (1950), is one of the most successful terrier kennels in Ireland achieving Top Dog (All Breeds), Top Breeder, Top Sire,  having  consistently  produced  top winning terriers in Ireland for almost 70 years. 

I also have a lifetime commitment to promoting the breeds of Irish origin.

Nationally as President, I have maintained close links with animal welfare, Assistance Dogs Groups and veterinary organisations with particular interest in all type of assist dogs.

‘A life time passion for dogs and the way they enrich our lives is my driving force’

Sean Delmar

In 1964, my interest int he Fox Terrier was born. Throughout my life, this has been a real love story for a breed to which I devote lots of passion and more time than normal.

When Mrs. Hana Krejcova suggested to me that I should present a breed seminar at the Pisa Fox Terrier Winner Show 2019, I thought it was probably an opportunity to bring together a file that will help the Fox Terrier fanciers to understand the breed in the best way.

With the co-operation of some very well known people, I have tried to bring together different opinions so that we may have a larger critique than only mine.

So many thanks not only to Frances Winfield, Harry O`Donoghue, bill brown Cole, Andrew Goodsell and Andras Koroz …, but also to Christian Rangel, Professional Handler coming from U.S.A. for this occasion.

A Fox Terrier story that gave me the possibility as a very young man of only 18 years old, to meet so many great Foy Terrier personalities in UK and later all over the world.

Wires and Smooths, I start with both and first meet and visit English specialists such as Cyril Witham (Townville), Maurice Marshall (Whittingford), Les Atkinson, Herbert Atkinson, Evelyn Howles (Harrowhil), Mary Blake (Watteau), Linda Beak (Newmaidley), Elisabeth Winstanley (Boreham), John Lowe (Lanneau), Ken Dickinson (Ellastone), Andrew Clanachan (Maryholm) and avant tout, my very dear friends and mentors Peter and Frances Winfield (Riber).

So I have extremely fortunate to receive such early teaching and coaching from some of the best specialists in both breeds.

Later, of course, I had the chance to start my Smooth breeding with young stock from the famous UK CH HERMON PALMIST (Miss EMERY) and UK CH WATTEAU CHORISTER (Mrs. Blake) and my Wires with HARROWHILL Line from Evelyn Howles.

Finally the Belfox Kennel was born which now drives us everywhere in Europe, U.S.A., and Australia with Belfox Champions in many countries.

And of course, last but not least, we make many good friends from Vladivostok to Adelaide and from Helsinki to Los Angeles. So, many possibilities to consider that in 50 years the evolution of the breed and the dog sport is so important that we may keep fresh eyes on it!

Also today the facilities to communicate all over the world offer us some other ways to consider breeding and showing dogs!

For the Fox terrier Seminar, I will try to give you just a part of what I feel is important to consider and I was very happy that Mr. Andrew Goodsell gave his permission that I may use his excellent work about the Wire Fox Terrier.

And for sure if we exclude the coat, what is true for Wires is, also true for Smooths.

In my own approach I will propose pictures, comparisons and examples of some dogs and breeders.

In the future, I hope to have the opportunity to do it again with other contributors, just in the hope that it will drive you into the same passion as my love story for the Fox Terrier.

Please enjoy it,

Luc Detry

I got my first dog in 1986 and my first terrier in 1989. This was my first Kerry blue terrier, and later I imported a bitch from England and everything started. I have had the Shyloch prefix since 1990.

I have had American cocker, Boston’s in addition to Kerry blue terriers, but kerries have always been my main breed.

Over the years, my dogs have won Top Dog All breeds 5 times – 4 times in Norway and last year in Denmark. My dogs have been Top Terrier in Norway 13 times. I have world winners, European winners and BOB at Crufts.

I was first authorized to judge in 2004 and I judge all breeds in FCI group 3 plus a few breeds in group 8 and 9.

Judging has brought me to many countries, including 3 times in Ireland and once awarding CC’s in kerries in England. Last summer I had the honor of judging Best in Show at one of the biggest terrier specialties in Europe, there were more than 1000 terriers entered in Finland.

I have been secretary of the Norwegian Terrier Club and I am now leader of the Standard Committee in the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKK).


here are a few words about my experience in Bull Breeds.

My name is Dagmar Brommont-Lothary. I`m 50 years old and a professional dog groomer since more than 25 years.

Since I was a school girl I was always interested in Bull Breeds and I started breeding Bull Terriers in 1990 with my affix Amadis. I bred a few Champions and showed them successfully on the Continent and in the UK.

In 2008 I got 2 adult UK Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bitches with whom I started to show and to breed. In the first litter that I got were 3 brindle bitches. All of them became Champions. In the second litter I bred Siegfried von Amadis who won 2 times the Terrier Group in big International Shows and a few CCs. 

In addition to the Staffordshire Bull Terriers me and my husband Ortlieb are breeding successfully Miniature Bull Terriers. 

One of the most famous bitches of the last years is CH Tiffany Bonsai von Amadis who won nearly everything that`s to win. 

Our bitch CH ZoZo Bonsai von Amadis got the bitch CC at CRUFTS in 2015. Our young bitch Kinga Bonsai von Amadis won her first UK CC at the Welsh Kennel club Show 2016 and won her big class at CRUFTS. Her kennel mate Midget Bonsai von Amadis made Best Puppy at CRUFTS. Last year CH Gwenevere Bonsai von Amadis made BOB at CRUFTS and her kennel mate Opium Bonsai von Amadis finished her UK Champion Title.

In the last years I judged Bull Breeds in Germany and a few other countries.

As an example I was elected to judge the Bull Terriers and the American Staffordshire Terriers at the German Winner Show in Leipzig 2017 one day before the World Champion Show.

In the moment I`m showing our young and very successful male Queequeg Bonsai von Amadis. He is a proven sire, son of Kinga and got BOB in Chemnitz under Elzbieta Chwalibog.

I feel very honored and pleased that I`m elected to judge Miniature Bull Terriers in Coventry 2020.


Dagmar Brommont-Lothary


My name is Katalin Radvánszky, I live in Hungary with my family and dogs. We are a real dog lover family.
I am a breeder of Yorkshire Terriers for 30 years under Of New Deal Kennel. I have been breeding several World, European and Crufts Winner yorkies.
I am the president of the Hungarian Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier Club for a long time. I was organizing 2 Interra Shows already and was judging at Interra Shows several times.
I am very happy to be invited as a judge to this show especially because I can judge my own breed!
I wish a successful show for the organizers a good luck to the exhibitors.